Wilted & Wasted Pizza

I hate throwing away food.

I can openly admit that I’m an overeater because of this fact alone.

So when the leaves start to wilt and get ugly on the cruciferous veggies, I throw everything in the vitamix with some lemon and oil to make a delicious Veggie Sauce. Sometimes I add salt and seasonings, other times I just leave it bland.

This sauce can be used for pastas, mixed into sides and most importantly, used for pizza.

I bought some pita bread and vegan pesto from the local farmers market. I’m a super fan of the Brothers booth. They set up shop in the Arts District on Saturdays and on 5th and Broadways on Sundays. Three items for $11. You really can’t beat it.

For this Wilted and Wasted Pizza I used:

Vegan Pesto

Veggie Sauce



Nutritional Yeast




Heated the oven to 350 degrees and cooked the pizza until the edges of the pita were lightly brown and the nutritional yeast melted into the greens.

Simply delicious and super filling.




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