Rainy Day Pancakes

Something about the rain that makes you want to fill your belly.

I thought about a bagel. I thought about it twice. Then walked in my kitchen and saw a claw of apple bananas that I purchased for $1.80. Figured that I would make some pancakes.


Tapioca Flour

Coconut Oil

Navel Oranges

Prickly Pear Sauce

Dried Cranberry

Really didn’t know what I was doing but made something awesome. Fair warning, the texture is gooyer than flour pancakes. Don’t be alarm. First thing I did was mashe the bananas in with tapioca flour to make a thick dough. Added a little coconut oil to a hot pan and made 2 pancake blobs.

Pulled out the prickly pear mixture from yesterday. Poured it around my pancakes. Added dried cranberries, almonds, nutmeg, flax and chia seeds.




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