Potato + Leek Soup w/ Fennel Focaccia

Trying to perfect this recipe every time I receive potatoes and leeks in my Farm Fresh To You box. Last week,  I tried this with fingerling potatoes and water and the soup had the consistency of Velvetta Cheese. This time i used

1 leek

6 red potatoes

1/2 can on culinary coconut milk

1/2 cup diced onions

1 tomatillo

+ wilting greens in my fridge.


The tomatillo is the secret ingredient, cutting into the oniony after taste that is left from the leek. Blended all of this on SOUP MODE in the Vitamix and let that heaux twirl.  Added salt and pepper to taste.

While that was dancing I thought about making bread but only knew how to make the most basic drop biscuit. I took that recipe for a spin using :


Wheat flour

Baking Powder

the rest of the can of coconut milk


and some old artichoke dip that I found.

The ingredients are literally artichoke, spinach, and a vegan parmesan.

You can use any variation of these ingredients.

I then mixed up my batter and folded in the artichoke dip. I laid out a piece of plastic wrap and threw my dough ball in the middle. Folded the ends over and pounded it down into a flatbread. Removed the wrapping and dropped it onto a lightly oiled baking sheet.  I preheated the oven to Bake at 400 degrees and threw this in for 15 minutes.

Out came bread.

By this time the soup had finished blending and was nice and hot.

I threw some broccolini in a skillet with a little amino acid and nutritional yeast and seared it on one side.

This all happened before 11AM and I was thoroughly impressed with myself.


Play with what you have.



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