Mustard Polenta Fried Zucchini

Highlight of yesterday – eating.

Highlight of today – eating.

Excited for tomorrow. I’m going to eat well again.


2  Zucchinis

  Homemade pesto 

1  Tomato

   Stone Ground Mustard


1  Ear of corn 
Never grew up liking nor eating zucchini. Recently, I worked on this job that made me zoodle the vegetable and my life was changed for the better. Went to CVS to try and find a Zoodler in my neighborhood. You know the “As seen on TV” section has all the stuff you really want but don’t need. I didn’t need a gadget to peel zucchini.

Saved my money.

Went home and washed and sliced the zucchini into thin slivers. When I got down to the meaty (not so pretty) part of the zucchini, i turned it on its side and chopped it into round nuggets. First thought was “friend zucchini” then I realized that the only oil I own was coconut oil and batter frying vegetables takes all the health out of it. So I found a happy compromise. Found some stone ground mustard and polenta. Without second guessing my actions, I puréed a tomato and used that as a base for polenta batter. I then dipped the zucchini in the mustard and then into the polenta and threw the pieces into a hot pan of oil.

Decided to make pesto with some extra basil that I had in the fridge. Threw that, a clove of garlic, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, coriander and parsley in my Nutri Bullet and gave it a whirl. The most amazing deliciousness came out of my kitchen experiment.

I scooped a tablespoon full of this pesto in a bowl and tossed in the fresh zucchini slices. I then mixed fresh corn.

The fried zucchini went on top with a garnish of carrot.



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