Jackfruit Tacos

Anyone with a jackfruit farm out there? Let me know.

I’ll harvest those babies in return for room and board. This fruit will be our meal source in the future.

I’m on a major quest for packaged jackfruit with great ethos and methods. Came across Upton’s Naturals at Wholefoods and everything checked out. Nothing that I couldn’t pronounce and only a couple of ingredients.


spiraled Beets

spiraled Carrots

1 navel orange

2 small radishes

2 tortillas


distilled vinegar

One avocado (that was about to go bad)


lime juice


I picked up the Chili Lime Carnitas from the freezer aisle and put them on heat in a medium sauce pan as soon as I got home. While that was cooking I found all the food that was about to go bad and decided to make it work. I threw a handful of jalapenos and white vinegar in my vitamix. I think added an avocado that was on the brink of extinction. A little salt and lime to balance out the flavors and I had a perfect green sauce.

Stopped to stir the jackfruit then moved on to slicing fresh radishes that came in my csa box. Mixed in some carrots in my fridge with the radishes and a little of the green sauce that I made. Laid this on two warmed tortillas then slopped on the perfectly warmed jackfruit. I then pilled on leftover beet spirals and a little bit of orange. I then squiggled some more of the green sauce on the side and sat down for a rerun of Grey’s Anatomy.



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