I May Be Ugly But I’m Here

I like to buy my groceries on a Sunday or Monday and divide up my food for the week. Some days I don’t make it home and other days I just want to eat watermelon and seaweed on my Brooklyn balcony

This was my Sunday post workout / pre church kitchen sink meal.


 Paul’s Harvest burger*



homemade pesto*

yellow peppers




Yellow peppers were sliced (wildly) and thrown into a pan with coconut oil. I’m using coconut oil for everything bc it’s amazing and I refuse to re up on oil until all the oil I own is gone. So coconut oil goes in everything. Judge if you must.

Threw the patty in the same skillet as the yellow peppers and quenched it’s thirst with rice vinegar .

Pulled out all the greens I had including leftover arugula and mixed that in with all the spinach that I owned.

Halved some yellow heirloom tomatoes and added that to the leafy greens. Added my patty and peppers then realized something was missing.


Made homemade pesto* the day before and pulled that out the fridge and some sriracha to seal the deal. Added a dash of salt and pepper and boom.



*I was gifted the Harvest Burgers which are local so I can’t really help with where to source these. Beyond Burger is a great substitute though.



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