Avocado Toast shouldn’t cost $12

Seriously though.

1 Avocado


Cherry Tomatoes

Red Onion



I love NY.

The vibes, the people, the food. It’s all a dream come true. But the inflation price on food is ridiculous. Especially the cost of avocados these days. I come from a place where I had a tree growing in my backyard. Now you want 2 for $5. Crazy.

Avocado Toast does not cost $12.

Hell, it shouldn’t even cost you more than $5 and that is for bread and the expensive $2 Hass Avocado from Whole Foods. By bread – I mean a slice. All depends on what you are working with. I prefer a sunflower seed or hard rye loaf, to boost the fiber. Today I went with whatever my roommate had – whole wheat bread.

I bought some watercress for 1.99 a bunch. The onion was left over from yesterday’s dinner and the tomatoes were left over from yesterday’s pesto salad. We are going to consider those items to be free like the bread.

Turmeric and salt are staples in my kitchen. Price never matters as long as the seasoning game is strong.

So this cost me $2 to make and made enough for two people.


Lesson to the wise:

Don’t be a fool.

Don’t buy avocado toast from a restaurant.

Especially if it is over $11

Don’t do it.




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