Matcha Cha Chia

Chia pudding is the truth. It’s my go-to for race days and any high intensity workout. It’s immediate energy. I mean, it’s hundreds of little seeds and you know seeds are little life pellets and I swear this stuff gives you life.



2 Scoops Chia Seeds

1 Scoop House of Matcha Powder

1/4 Can Culinary Coconut Milk




1 Banana

1 Apple

2 Dates

1/4 Can Culinary Coconut Milk


I’ve been making simple overnight pudding but wanted to upgrade it to lure my family in. You should have seen the look on my mother’s face when I was mixing the chia seeds and milk with the matcha powder. Let’s just say that the work snot was uttered.

Next, I threw all the fruit stuff into my Vitamix and turned the knob to smoothie. Threw a handful of granola down as the base then layered on the fruit purée and the chia seeds on top. Mom took over creative direction afterwards and added on the blueberries and toppings.

Simply delicious.



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